2022 Weinan Haitai Basketball Autumn League Ends Perfect

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2022 Weinan Haitai Basketball Autumn League Ends Perfect

After two weeks of intense competition, the Weinan Haitai 2022 Basketball Autumn League has come to a perfect end. Compared to previous years, this year's autumn competition has arrived late. Despite the impact of the epidemic, weather, temperature, and other factors, all athletes have shown a love for basketball and respect for sports

The 5th Weinan Haitai Talent Competition has come to a successful conclusion!

On November 23rd, the 5th Employee Talent Competition organized by Weinan Haitai Labor Union was successfully held. The theme of this competition is "Blooming Youth and Sparkling Passion in Ruilian". Through group programs, personal programs, and innovative programs by employees, it is perfectly displayed in the form of singing, recitation, dance, skits, instrument performance, and other forms. Several middle-level leaders of the company also participated in and performed the program, and all personnel on site were enthusiastic, greatly enhancing everyone's confidence and expressiveness

The company's labor union's "Summer Cool Delivery" series activities have come to a successful end!

Since the beginning of summer this year, hot weather has been rampant, and the number of hot days in various regions of the company has reached a new high in recent years, with temperatures above 33 ℃ reaching over 60 days. In the current scorching heat, the company's labor union is concerned about frontline employees. In order to further improve summer heatstroke prevention and cooling work, effectively maintain the safety and health of employees during the high-temperature production process in summer, and ensure the safety of frontline employees in production and summer vacation, the company's labor union held an annual summer cooling series activity from June to September, providing summer cooling to the hardworking frontline employees